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What is a Google My Business Profile? Easy FREE Marketing for Your Business

Outscale Your Competition With A Google My Business Profile

It seems as though every month there’s a new hack, trend or software that your business needs to get, for unbelievable results.

It can get tiring, and worst of all, the saturation and noise of these trends can detract from things that your business might not need, but can definitely benefit from having significantly.

Google My Business Profiles have been central to online marketing for almost eighteen years now. So our expert team at The A Firm believe that this key element has more than proved its worth.

The best part? You can set yours up right now, totally free!

What Is A Google My Business Profile?

But first, you’ll probably want to understand exactly what a Google My Business Profile is in the first place.

Have you ever Googled a business, service, or even something like “Thai food”?

Then you’ll likely have seen the first three results arranged next to an image of Google maps. Their reviews, website, directions and locations will also be displayed.

Or, if you searched for a specific business name, you’ll see a box with all of the business details at the top of the page next to their website link.

This is your Google My Business Profile. It’s also:

  1. A great way to display essential information about your business (location, trading hours, reviews)
  2. A fantastic lead capture – 87% of people who search Google will click on one of the first three profiles to show
  3. Perfect for displaying images that will entice and persuade users to click your website

So, what are the other benefits of using Google My Business Profile for your business?

Google Reviews: A Legendary Trust Signal

Google Reviews: A Legendary Trust Signal

The biggest advantage to using Google My Business is that it lets you display your positive reviews front & center.

We cannot express how crucial this is to your business’s success.

Word of mouth referrals have always been the number one way of acquiring reliable business.

Google reviews will let you emulate this type of referral, and even showcase your most positive testimonials for new customers.

In this day and age of global internet communities, with thousands of new businesses flooding the market every year, people are relying more & more on Google reviews.

It is without a doubt the most effective trust signal you can send to potential new customers, and you can have these audiences trusting you at a glance with a Google My Business Profile.

Direct & Convert Crowds Of Customers

Remember all that relevant info we mentioned a Google My Business Profile displays?

Yep, another advantage is that it’s all available for customers to see, within just two to three seconds of Googling you!

This can skyrocket your online traffic and sales because:

  • Target The 3%:
    • Users who are in “Buy-Mode” – aka, they know what they want and they want it now – will see your profile first and click straight through for a purchase
  • Beat The Competition:
    • The biggest hesitation users have is clicking your website from the list of hundred or more others. A profile immediately makes your site a frontrunner
  • Simplify The Journey:
    • Even the best website can be tricky for some people to navigate; avoid user drop-off rates by having the most relevant pages displayed at a glance

A Google My Business Profile will display the following details (if you so choose):

  1. Trading hours
  2. Address
  3. Google reviews
  4. Website link
  5. Phone number
  6. Testimonials
  7. Google maps pin location
  8. Blogs
  9. Products

Powerful, Free SEO At Your Fingertips

A Google My Business Profile is a stellar and free Search Engine Optimiser.

By displaying your business location, Google will automatically show your business profile to anyone who searches for your type of business, in your area.

This is especially useful if you’re dependent upon local foot traffic (plumbers, vets, builders) or are looking to standout in a local niche (cafes, restaurants, dentists.)

Knowing that your business is only a few minutes away may be the difference between a customer visiting or not.

A Google My Business Profile – while it may sound like just another trend or hack – is absolutely critical to the success of any business on Google.

You will need a website of course, but with it you can gain free & powerful SEO, increase your website traffic, and convert customers with your best reviews.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Top Notch

If you want to set up your business profile the right way the first time, then give our friendly finance experts a call. We can even take things a step further and provide you with a tailored, comprehensive business growth strategy – call The A Firm today!

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