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Thanks to advancements in technology, websites are now an integral tool for any successful business. They are an easy point of contact between you and a potential or existing client. They often contain important information that your customer will need – so it is important that you make it the best it can be. To help you figure out where you might be going wrong, here are our five reasons why your lousy website is harming your business:

1. It isn’t mobile friendly

Websites are great, but they aren’t only accessed via a computer. Looking at websites on a mobile phone is an extremely common practice, so it is essential that your company site is mobile friendly. If a potential client clicks on your site from their phone and finds that sections don’t work or the layout looks odd on their screen, the chances of them clicking out and finding something better are high.

2. You aren’t utilising SEO

Ask anyone and they will tell you that they don’t normally go past the first page in their Google search results. Being at the top of the list means that there is a higher chance that people will find your site, so Search Engine Optimisation is essential! Use Google Keywords to find keyword suggestions and use them to your advantage. You need to do the best you can to make sure that your site is one of the first people come across when searching your industry.

3. It isn’t the nicest to look at

When it comes to website, looks matter. A great website encompasses a good balance of text and images. It isn’t too word heavy and it has an easy to read layout. A more modern website design, also helps because the more out-dated your website looks, the less professional your company appears. Make sure your site looks inviting and intriguing, that way future customers will be more inclined to test you out.

4. Your word choice is too formal

You might be an expert in your field, but most people won’t be. They need to be able to understand what it is you are saying to them, so make sure to keep the text on your website as reader friendly as possible. Fancy words might sound smart, but they don’t always draw in the clients, instead making them confused. It is super important that you figure out what you want to say and say it clearly.

5. You aren’t consistent

Keeping your website up to date with relevant information is essential. Your customers will want to see that you are active in trying to maintain a virtual relationship with them. Make sure all the contact and factual details on your site are accurate – if they aren’t you’ll be losing out on potential customers. You should also try to find a way to stay in your customers minds. This could mean daily updates or weekly posts, which you share on your social media pages. Whatever you decide, just make sure that the website doesn’t remain stale for too long!

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