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Whether you are looking at Buying or Selling a Business, it is important to engage the expertise of qualified professionals utilising proven methods to guarantee your successful purchase or sale.


Our highly skilled team of Business Brokers & Advisors will work with you to find your ideal business – a business that matches your budget, talents, skill and lifestyle considerations. Our Solutions for Business Buyers include:

  • Business Valuations
  • Finance Applications
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Buyer Advocate Services
  • Capital Raising


Whilst owning a profitable, cash flow positive business might make you feel wealthy, the true value of your business has not been realised until it is sold. Selling a business is one of the most common ways for business owners to generate significant personal wealth. Not only are our expert Business Brokers experienced in the marketing and negotiating of a Business Sales transaction, but we also have expert Business Advisors who can provide you with:

  • Succession Planning incl Exit Strategy
  • Business Valuation and Benchmark Report
  • Vendor Due Dillegence
  • Buyer Advocate Services
  • Ready for Sale Consulting
  • Equity Sourcing

Our team can also provide expert tips and advice on improving the value of your business and increasing the wealth you can generate from its sale.

Contact our expert team today to discuss how The A Firm can work with you to improve your business value and to ensure a successful sale at the best price possible.

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