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Looking to purchase business equipment? You need to consider the small-business instant asset write off changes by 30th June 2017. If you are a small business, the current instant asset write-off threshold is $20,000. However, from 1 July 2017, this threshold reverts back to $1,000. What does this mean? Any small business with turnover of

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I love fireworks, the bigger and more colours the better, they bring out the kid in me. Even the sound as a rocket goes up before the explosion builds anticipation, but when you don’t get the bang it’s incredibly disappointing. Let’s face it at this time of year there are so many distractions, all those

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It’s important to think about what having a break means for your business and the steps needed to ensure a relaxing time off. They say small business owners never sleep, but now is  a good chance to have a well-deserved break while other businesses take it easy too. Whether the shutdown period is a few

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You’ve gone into Business for yourself for any number of reasons.  Maybe, you want to work for yourself for the flexibility, need to create your own career opportunity, or hate your day job. Part of the deal is looking after the paperwork, a large part of which is the accounts. I’ve seen many small business owner’s who are

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You currently have or may be considering, applying for a PAYG Withholding Variation.  This allows you to receive your expected tax refund during the year as part of a reduction in your income tax withheld from wages/salaries, rather than waiting for the year end tax refund.  It certainly helps with cashflow when you have investment

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Time to focus in on the important things – Your goals.  For many of us, our daily tasks seem to get in the way of achieving our goals. This is especially true for people in business. It can be a constant challenge to keep your vision, strategy and business goals moving forward. Daily issues that

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For many small businesses, the Christmas period may account for a large proportion of their annual sales. The holiday season is a significant spending period for consumers and brands, providing businesses with opportunities to maximise their sales. To stay ahead of competitors, it is important to establish a plan. You should advertise ahead of the

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A Real Life Story from our Case files here at The A Firm….. Sometimes what the client thinks is the problem isn’t even is the real problem. It’s in listening to the client that the real problems, goals, and then solutions reveal themselves. This was what happened recently with our Self Manager Superannuation Specialist and

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Hang on – but it’s not even December yet and you’re asking questions about January?!? An article that I read recently has made me ask the question “Do I think about the consequence or effect this task will have on my time? Is choosing to do this activity/task creating conflict between what’s important and what

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