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I love fireworks, the bigger and more colours the better, they bring out the kid in me. Even the sound as a rocket goes up before the explosion builds anticipation, but when you don’t get the bang it’s incredibly disappointing.

Let’s face it at this time of year there are so many distractions, all those events, parties and shopping. You may not realise that this time of year can be used to set your business up for smooth sailing come January. This is especially true for those who aren’t in retail and are often slowing down.

So what can you do? Here are five tips:

1. Chase that cash quickly – a lot of business’ shut down in the middle of the month, so when you send invoices ask for early payment, and then follow-up with a phone call to discuss a planned payment date – it helps to know when that money is coming in.

2. Check your Accounts – Get your accounts person to go over your Suppliers – checking the ABN and GST registration status – these can change without you realising – it makes a big difference for your BAS’

3. Check-up on your Business – Book an appointment with your Accountant to review the last six months and see what areas of your business you could change or work on in January.

4. Capitalise on your staff – take the time to talk with your team – do 6 month reviews and have some brainstorming sessions. They’ll get enthused for the New Year as you show you value them.

5. Celebrate – you’ve made it through another year in business. Take a break, acknowledge what you have done well and what you can improve. Come back refreshed and invigorated.
Most of all take the time to be with those you love!


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